As we look forward to welcoming our students back to campus starting Monday, August 24, important safety measures and protocols have been put in place to help keep our school community safe and healthy during this global pandemic.  Important “Back to School” details are provided below.  Please review the information carefully.

We ask that all parents and students remain vigilant and patient as we navigate through the first days, weeks and months of the 2020-2021 academic year.  Will things be different?  Yes.  Will our normal day-to-day processes and procedures take extra time?  Probably so. But, it is important to remember that we are all in this together.  Our students’ and faculty members’ health, safety and well-being are our top priority going into this school year.  

While we are not 100 percent able to predict the future with exactness, and we may have to adjust our plans as we go, one thing is certain, ICCS faculty members, students and families will stand strong and rally for the greater good of our school community in 2020-2021.  

***Please check the weekly Panther Press e-newsletter and be on the lookout for Parent Alert emails and text messages for important announcements and updates related to ICCS and “Back to School” information.  


Monday, August 10th: all ICCS students will receive notification from their homeroom teacher via parent email.  Our teachers have created a special message for their 2020-2021 class members.

Thursday, August 13 AND Friday, August 14:  Parents and students are invited to visit their teacher/classroom according to the following schedule below.  For health safety purposes, please limit the visit to ICCS students and parents ONLY.  Temperatures will be taken upon arrival and face coverings will be required.  On campus AND virtual students are invited to attend!  

  • Thursday, 8/13 8:30 a.m.-10:00 a.m. – Last Names beginning with A-B
  • Thursday, 8/13 10:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. – Last Names beginning with C-F
  • Thursday, 8/13 1:00 p.m.-2:30 p.m. – Last Names beginning with G-K
  • Friday, 8/14 8:30 a.m.-10:00 a.m. – Last Names beginning with L-P
  • Friday, 8/14 10:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. – Last Names beginning with R-Z


  • Monday, August 24: PK-8th Grade GIRLS ONLY
  • Tuesday, August 25: PK-8th Grade BOYS ONLY  
  • Wednesday, August 26: ALL students (BOYS and GIRLS PK-8th Grade) ½ day dismissal (PK-3rd 11:30 a.m./4th-8th 12:00 p.m.)
  • Thursday, August 27: All students PK-8th Grade (full day)
  • Friday, August 28: All students PK-8th Grade (full day)

Important First-Week-Details to Note:

  • PK and Kindergarten students start on Monday, 8/24 (GIRLS ONLY) and Tuesday, 8/25 (BOYS ONLY).  Both days will be half days for PK and Kindergarten students.  
  • Wednesday, August 26 is a half day for all students (PK-8th Grade) with PK-3rd Grade dismissing at 11:30 a.m. and 4th-8th Grades dismissing at 12:00 p.m.
  • 1st – 8th Grade students will be required to utilize the car line drop off on the first day of school. Parents are encouraged to visit the classroom with their student (s) during their scheduled time on August 13 or 14. Duty teachers will help students find their classrooms upon arrival if needed on the first day of school.  
  • First day of school for PK students:  parents can walk their student to the PK hallway exterior doors located on the Wilson Street side of the building.  Please park in front of the school (on Ryan Street) for easy and safe access.  A staff member will direct you.  
  • First day of school for Kindergarten students:  parents can walk their student to the Kindergarten hallway exterior doors on the Park Avenue side of the building.  Please park in front of the school building (on Ryan Street) for easy and safe access.  A staff member will direct you.  

Returning Safely to Campus

A guide to reopening Immaculate Conception Cathedral School
The 2020-21 school year will be uniquely challenging for all of us, but we look forward to our continued partnership with the families of ICCS as we continue our mission of strengthening spirits, minds, and bodies through the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Quick Reference Chart
Important reminders for the 2020 – 2021 school year.

ICCS Summer Learning

Given the delayed school start date, this is a reminder about ICCS Summer Learning for students entering 4th-8th grade for the 2020-2021 school year.  All ICCS students should be using their ICCSWEB Google Accounts to access the ICCS Summer Learning Hub.   Students must use their account information to log in and then navigate to the icon for their grade level.  Please note that when we ended school the icons were listed by exiting grade level with the 2020-2021 grade level entered in the subtext.  Please be sure that your student is accessing the correct page.  Here are some brief reminders about summer learning:

    • Summer Math:  All students entering 4th-8th grades have summer math work that should be completed prior to the first day of school.  Students may print the packet from the Summer Hub if they need to do so.  Student math work should be brought back to school on August 24th and each of the math practice forms–located on the Summer Learning Hub– should be complete as well.  Note that students are able to complete the forms as many times as they wish for extra practice. Note:  Math work includes scratch work.
    • Summer Reading:  Students entering 4th-8th grades have required summer reading.  There are resources for these novels on the Summer Learning Hub.
      • 3rd Grade 2019-2020/4th Grade 2020-2021 
        • Required Novel:  Save Me a Seat
        • Additional Novel (OPTIONAL): Flora & Ulysses
      • 4th Grade 2019-2020-5th Grade 2020-2021:
        • Required Novels:  Save Me a Seat & The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
      • 5th Grade 2019-2020/6th Grade 2020-2021:
        • Required Novels:  Out of My Mind & The Night Diary
      • 6th Grade 2019-2020/7th Grade 2020-2021:
        • Required Novels: Out of My Mind & The Westing Game
        • Students entering the 7th grade are required to annotate their novels.  Annotation reminders may be found on the Summer Learning Hub.
      • 7th Grade 2019-2020/8th Grade 2020-2021:
        • Required Novels:  Out of My Mind & Refugee
        • Students entering the 8th grade are required to annotate their novels.  Annotation reminders may be found on the Summer Learning Hub.



Parents are asked to review/update their students’ pick-up and emergency contact information that is currently listed in FACTS SIS. An Alternate Departure Pass will be printed for the students to attach to their backpack using the information that is entered in FACTS SIS.


  • Parents must log-in to their Parent Web account (
  • The district code is: ICCS-LA. Usernames and passwords were created at registration.
  • From the menu bar located on the left side of the screen, choose “Web Forms”
  • Choose the “Family Demographics Form”
  • There are two sections to be reviewed: Emergency Contact and Transportation. Choose each section and review the information listed in the system. Be sure to click the “Save” button at the very bottom before moving to the next section.

This google form must be completed by all parents no later than Friday, August 14 to confirm updated information.


Every year, the ICCS 8th Grade Class coordinates a printed Family Directory fundraiser to help with end-of-the-year class activity expenses. The form below gives permission for the release of your address and contact information to be printed in the 2020-2021 ICCS Family Directory. The link also allows ICCS families to order a copy of the directory and to include personal company/workplace information for the business listing section. Directories are $10 each and will be paid for through the FACTS system. Printed directories will be delivered shortly after the school year begins. This form is due by Friday, August 14, 2020.


As we plan and prepare for this year’s after school Extended Care Program, important details are shared below. **We are hopeful ICCS will be able to provide this service to students and families as school begins in Phase 2.

  • This service will be limited to families with dually employed parents who are considered essential.
  • No “drop-in” students will be allowed to attend until further notice.
  • All families will be billed the full-time rate, $40/week for the first student, and $25/week for each additional student to ensure appropriate staffing to accommodate safety guidelines and group sizes.


Families with essential workers that are interested in utilizing the Extended Care program should complete this inquiry form. Additional details will be communicated directly to these families when extended care registration opens. This form is due by Friday, August 14, 2020.