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Faculty & Staff

Name (Last, First) Grade / Dept. Web Email
Barrios, Erica Spanish Visit [email protected]
Bellon, Nancy KA Aide Visit [email protected]
Bourgeois, Lindsay Phys Ed Girls Visit [email protected]
Brinkman, Amanda 7B – Religion Visit [email protected]
Brown, Lori 2B Visit [email protected]
Bushnell, Mary
Visit [email protected]
DeRouen, Emily
Visit [email protected]
Dewitt, Brianna Computer Visit [email protected]
DuRousseau, Stephanie
Visit [email protected]
Ebersole, Brittany 8B – Middle School Science Visit [email protected]
Ebersole, Catherine 4B – 4/5 ELA Visit [email protected]
Falcon, Anita
4A – 4/5 Science/Social Studies
Visit [email protected]
Forsyth, Molly PKA Visit [email protected]
Fournerat, Gabriele Middle School Resource Visit [email protected]
Fournerat, Wendi Receptionist Visit [email protected]
Fuselier, Tenia
Visit [email protected]
Grinton, Cassi Counselor Visit [email protected]
Heffer, Kyndel 6B – Middle School Literature Visit [email protected]
Higgins, Michael 7A – Middle School Social Studies Visit [email protected]
House, Sarah KB Visit [email protected]
Ijaz, Amy PKB Aide Visit [email protected]
Jarreau, Christi Principal Visit [email protected]
Jessen, Virgina-Kate Music Visit [email protected]
Jones, Chris
Visit [email protected]
Koenig, Danielle
Visit [email protected]
LaBove, Jada
5B – 4/5 Reading/Religion
Visit [email protected]
Marcantel, JoLynn
Visit [email protected]
Mathew, Melissa Admin Asst/Bkkp Visit [email protected]
Miller, Gail 8A – Math Visit [email protected]
Morgan, Kay Director of Development Visit [email protected]
Moss, Kellie PKA Aide Visit [email protected]
Poncho, Lea Progressions Visit [email protected]
Romano, Aimee 6A – Middle School ELA Visit [email protected]
Schwartzenburg, Leanne 5A – 4/5 Math Visit [email protected]
Solari, Suzy 3B Visit [email protected]
Steech, Phyllis Elementary Resource Visit [email protected]
Tadlock, Blair Curriculum Coordinator Visit [email protected]
Vanchiere, Lania Art Visit [email protected]
Viau, Rose
Director of Religious Education (DRE)
Visit [email protected]
Wilson, Kimberly
Visit [email protected]
Zeringue, Erin Technology Visit [email protected]