Thank you for your continued support of ICCS!

Your Participation Is Important:

The Immaculate Conception Cathedral School (ICCS) Greenery Fundraiser is sponsored by the ICCS Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).  Christmas wreaths and evergreens can help you begin preparation for the holiday season! These high-quality evergreens, picked fresh from the Pacific Northwest, can make the perfect gift for your family, friends, employees and clients. Evergreens will provide ornamental as well as aromatic features to any home or business and all products are unconditionally guaranteed by Sherwood Forest Farms to be fresh upon delivery. With every family’s participation, we can make this year’s fundraiser a huge success!

PTO Point Opportunities Are Available: 

ICCS families will earn PTO points by serving on various greenery committees, or by simply selling greenery. You will earn PTO points equal to 50% of your total sales. For example, if you sell $200 worth of greenery, you will earn 100 PTO points. During our greenery fundraiser, you can easily earn all of your required 300 PTO points!

Greenery Delivery Options:

The Local Group Delivery Items are individually packaged and delivered to ICCS. These items will be available for self pick-up in the ICCS gym on Saturday, November 24, 2018.
The Direct Delivery Gift Items are individually packaged and delivered to recipients anywhere in the continental United States, so you can easily send greenery as a Christmas gift without wrapping a present or going to the post office. Should you choose to share the holiday spirit this season with a gift item, your gift will be delivered during the first two (2) weeks after Thanksgiving.

Ordering Instructions:

This year we will continue to utilize the online ordering tool from Sherwood Forest Farms. All orders will be placed and processed online at Orders will be recorded in our online system. For your convenience, the school website ( will have a direct link to the ICCS Greenery website, so please share it with your family, friends, employees and clients.

Once on the website, the products are pictured and priced under two (2) categories “Local Delivery Items” and “Direct Delivery Gift Items”.

  • The Local Delivery Items are individually packaged and delivered to the ICCS gym for self pick-up starting Saturday, November 24th.
  • The Direct Delivery Gift Items are individually packaged and delivered to recipients anywhere in the Continental United States.
  • Steps for New Orders:
  1. After previewing the items available for purchase, please scroll to the bottom of the page and select the green tab which reads “Create a New Order” to begin your ordering process.
  2. Please enter your information as directed in the required fields which are designated by an asterisk.
  3. If you want an ICCS student/family to receive credit (i.e. PTO points) for your purchase, please complete “select your seller here” (optional) by selecting a family (student first name(s) then last name).
  4. Enter your items for purchase then select the green “Next” tab at the bottom of the page which will bring you to the Shipping Information Page.
  5. If you purchased Direct Delivery Gift Items, please enter the recipient(s) information as directed (the items purchased will be listed at the top of the address form).
  6. Once complete, (if applicable) select the green “Next” tab at the bottom of the page which will bring you to the Order Confirmation Page.
  7. To pay you have two options:
    1. “PayPal” (to pay with a credit card) Please note: you do not need a PayPal account to pay via PayPal, nor are you creating a PayPal account if you select PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, you will select “pay with debit or credit card” at the bottom of the page.
    2. “Pay Later” (to pay with a check). If you select “Pay Later”, we need to receive your check made payable to ICCS Greenery by October 25th. Please note: If we do not receive your check by October 25th, we will be unable to honor your order. The greenery fundraiser will end October 25th.

In an effort to increase ICCS profits, we are offering delivery for customers ordering ten (10) or more greenery items as gifts for recipients living within a fifteen (15) mile radius of Lake Charles. If you will utilize the delivery option for your greenery gifts, please contact chairpersons Debra Wilder or Megan Gregory prior to ordering for assistance. If you’re ordering fifteen (15) or more Direct Delivery Gift Items, please email your order and gift recipient information to Debra Wilder and she will enter your order for you!

2018 ICCS Greenery Fundraiser Chairpersons:  Debra Wilder 337.302.1134 & Megan Gregory 337.802.1432