Dear ICCS Parents,

As we are set to begin the 2021-2022 school year tomorrow, Wednesday, August 18, we want to communicate a few very important temporary changes in regards to our arrival and dismissal procedures. The completion of construction on the Park Avenue side of the building is delayed and because of this, we will be temporarily changing our normal drop off and pick up procedures. We ask that you please read the drop off and pick up instructions below carefully and communicate the information with ALL those responsible for dropping off and/or picking up your student—this includes alternate departure approved individuals such as grandparents, older siblings, babysitters, etc.

ICCS Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures due to Construction

These temporary drop-off and pick-up procedures were discussed with the City of Lake Charles and LCPD to help keep our students safe during morning and afternoon dismissal times. Please review the procedures fully and follow the processes carefully in order to assist us in maintaining safety at all times.


At no time should parents place a child’s well being in danger by dropping a child off or picking them up around the corner or off campus.

Families whose last names begin with the letters:

A – H will drop-off and pick-up on Wilson Street
I– Z will drop off and pick-up on Ryan Street (temporary Park Avenue location)
Morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up will occur on Wilson Street and Ryan Street (main entrance) ONLY.

Children should NOT be dropped off at ICCS before 7:30 AM.

The use of cell phones in the drop-off and pick-up lines is strictly prohibited.


1. All students are to be dropped off from a vehicle to the loading dock at their respective drop off/pick up location. Parents must remain in vehicles during the drop off and pick up time. The only exception to this rule is for the Pre-K/K first half-day of classes on August 18 and August 19; parents may walk these students to their classroom on that day only. Communication will be sent to these families directly from the PK/K teachers.

2. Wilson Street Morning Drop Off (families with last names A – H will drop-off and pick-up on Wilson Street) – Cars dropping students off at the Wilson Street unloading/loading dock will follow procedures as usual.

3. Temporary RYAN STREET Drop Off (for families who normally utilize the Park Avenue parking lot for drop off and pick up purposes). Morning Drop- Off (I– Z will drop off and pick-up on Ryan Street until campus construction is complete). We will use Ryan Street and the main office entrance as our temporary unloading/loading dock for regular Park Avenue students. Please read the new directions on drop off carefully. All alternate departure approved individuals should be notified of this by parents.


  • In an effort to not disrupt businesses or major traffic on Ryan street, and to comply with the City of Lake Charles and LCPD transportation directives, cars should approach the school in the following way:
  • From Shell Beach Drive, turn onto Park Avenue and proceed to the ICCS parking lot. Vehicles should STOP at or near the ICCS Park Avenue parking lot (if before 7:30 a.m. or 3:00 p.m.) until a duty teacher signals the driver to pull forward. Cars should NOT enter the ICCS parking lot due to construction. A duty teacher will motion for vehicles to move up toward the stop sign at the corner of Park Avenue and Ryan Street and instruct cars to take a RIGHT onto Ryan Street. Vehicles will pull into the front parking lot of ICCS as if it is a loading dock at the front of school. Students should wait until teachers open car doors to exit the vehicle. Students will enter the building through the main entrance of school. Vehicles should exit from the front parking lot onto Ryan Street carefully and proceed down Dr. Michael DeBakey Drive.
  • To help make the morning drop off procedure run efficiently, please have all student belongings (backpacks, lunchboxes, etc.) ready to go before turning onto Ryan Street.
  • **Please do not block any driveways in the neighborhood during the drop off or pick up process.

4. All other drop-off/pick-up policies and procedures apply.


1. Pre-K/K “Early Birds” (PK/K students with no older siblings at ICCS who are not registered for after care) are requested to be picked up at 2:50 PM from the WILSON Street loading area until the construction is complete. Please carefully review the Wilson Street pick up procedures below.

2. Regular WILSON Street afternoon pick-up (A – H will drop-off and pick-up on Wilson Street) — Regular WILSON Street vehicles are to form a single line toward the left side of the lane on Dr. Michael DeBakey Drive. Regular WILSON Street pick up vehicles may NOT turn on Wilson Street until Early Bird dismissal concludes at 3:00 PM. Duty teachers will notify the first regular carline pick-up vehicles on Dr. Michael DeBakey Drive to make a left turn onto Wilson Street.

“Early Bird” parents should approach Wilson Street by driving South on Ryan Street, taking a slight right on Dr. Michael DeBakey Drive, and then a right on Wilson Street. “Early Bird” pick up cars will move down Wilson Street to the loading area before regular pick-up begins at 3:00 PM. All alternate departure approved individuals should be notified of this by parents.

3. Ryan Street–(for families who normally utilize the Park Avenue parking lot for drop off and pick up)– afternoon pick-up (I– Z will drop off and pick-up). Vehicles are to follow the same procedures used for morning drop off. Students will remain in the school in their temporary Ryan Street pick up locations and will move to vehicles as their name is called. It is imperative that placards are visible to duty teachers on both Ryan Street AND Wilson Street.

4. All other drop-off/pick-up policies and procedures apply.