Guidance Program

ICCS provides a full-time guidance counselor.  The counselor is available to students, parents, and teachers.  The counselor works with students individually or in groups to help overcome social, emotional or academic problems.  The counselor is also available to consult with parents.  The counselor can be reached by calling the school office at 433-3497.  Parental permission is not required for a student to see the counselor.


(Substance Abuse Prevention Education)
The guidance counselor facilitates the ICCS Substance Abuse Program, with assistance from teachers and volunteers who strive to educate children in the area of substance abuse prevention.  Local law enforcement agencies, through DARE (Drug Awareness Resistance Education) provide 5th and 7th graders with additional educational opportunities.

Individual Special Needs

ICCS offers a Resource Program that provides special needs students with individualized educational opportunities. Two full-time teachers service such students. Students who qualify for Resource must have an IDEA academic classification through private assessment or by the Calcasieu Parish School System’s Assessment Team. If eligible, students receive an individualized plan for the provision of special education. Each plan describes goals and expectations for each student with specific special education services based on their assessment/evaluation results. The school also places students in regular classes using accommodations as deemed appropriate by the School Building Level Committee (SBLC). Written notification of a student’s disability by a physician or licensed professional is required with documentation provided at the time of registration.

Student Personal Assistants and Tutors are professional contracted by parents through approved agencies and are permitted with administrative approval. Students must provide documented evidence of significant need in order to be allowed these services.

At the present time, Calcasieu Parish School System provides the following programs to ICCS students who have met eligibility criteria:

Speech – Calcasieu Parish Speech teacher meets with students on the campus weekly.
Hearing/Vision – Itinerant teachers meet the needs of students on an individual basis.
Title I – Itinerant teachers meet with qualifying students in grades 1-5 whose residence is located in a Title I public school district.

– Seeking Purposeful Analytical Realistic Knowledge is an off campus program for gifted and talented students (grades 1 – 5) that meets weekly at a designated Calcasieu Parish School.

Character Education

This year our Character Education program is based on our School Theme: We live to love. This theme comes to us from John 13:31-35. “As I have loved you, so you should love one another. This is how all will know that you are my disciples., if you have love for one another.” Each month a designated class focuses on part of the phrase and presents the theme on ictv3 and shares activities with the school to keep the theme alive.